5 Best Mountain Biking Trails in San Francisco

Because of the hilly terrain, Marin County was basically the origin of mountain biking. Although there are plenty of hidden gems throughout, below are some of the best trails that any biker should check out.

1. Demo Forest (Sawpit Trail)

Ranked among the top three mountain biking locations, Soquel Demonstration Forest features a bunch of different trails. The Sawpit trail, which is 15 miles long, takes about four hours to complete and is considered as one of the most fun trails around, despite its difficulty!

2. Annadel State Park

This 18.5 mile ride located in Annadel State Park takes about 5.5 hours to complete. It features a total climb of 2800 feet and is considered one of the best spots for advanced riders. Featuring some seriously technical sections with lots of rocky segments and boulders to navigate, the trails in Annadel State Park are sure to keep you on your toes.

best mountain biking trails in san francisco annadel state park

3. Joaquin Miller

Located in the Oakland Hills, this small city mountain biking park is great for all levels of riders. Most of the trails are singletrack or wide singletrack with a few family-friendly trails mixed in with some very steep and technical trails.

5 best mountain biking trails in san francisco joaquin miller

4. Jackson and Dexter Trails at Henry Coe State Park

Henry Coe State Park offers plenty of singletrack trails that are perfect for mountain biking. This particular loop is 13 miles long and takes about three hours to complete. It’s one of the best because it offers a bit of technical and aerobic challenge as well as scenic views. The Jackson trail part of the loop provides plenty of switchbacks with lots of rolling singletrack. This trail brings you to a brief ridgetop where most of the scenic views are.The steep but fun descent down Dexter trail brings you to the Grizzly Gulch trail which features a mixture of very steep and technical sections.

5 best mountain biking trails in san francisco henry coe state park jackson and dexter trails

5. Angel Island

Located almost at the center of the San Francisco Bay, this 10.5 mile trial is of the most scenic mountain biking trails around. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete and features sprawling views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Easy Bay and Tiburon and a portion of lower Marin County. Although this isn’t necessarily a mountain biking trail, it is still one of the prettiest locations for a “touristy” bike ride in San Francisco.

5 best mountain biking trails in san francisco angel island

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