5 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Sydney

Sydney is filled with beautiful national parks, a lot of which provide awesome mountain biking trails with scenic routes for all experience levels. The list below is just a handful of what Sydney has to offer!

1. Camden River Run

This 10-mile singletrack trail is ranked as intermediate. The trail follows the Nepean River through ravines and dense shrubbery. Although Camden River Run isn’t a terribly difficult ride, there are some technical aspects as there are tons of roots and log crossings along the path.

2. Manly Dam

Manly Dam is a 7 mile primarily singletrack loop. This one is among the more difficult rides on the list and is really for advanced riders. The trail consists of about 80% singletrack and 20% fireroads/roads with some parts being very rocky and difficult. It features steep climbs and downhills mixed with big drops and some nice flowy sections. Make sure to catch the amazing view of Manly Dam at the top of the hills!

5 best mountain biking trails in sydney manly dam

3. Bouddi National Park

Bouddi National Park is a great outdoor destination. The Bouddi Ridge loop is the longest trail in Bouddi National Park. It combines several other trails like Strom loop, Rocky Point trail, Daleys Point trail and McMasters Ridge trail to make one long 10 mile loop of singletrack.

4. Lane Cove National Park

Lane Cove National Park offers some great mountain biking options. The out and back fire trail from Pennant Hills park to West Pymble offers 6 miles of windy track through eucalyptus forest. This trail packs a ton of variety of technical and steep sections for such a short ride.

lane cove national park mountain biking trails in sydney

5. Blue Mountains, St. Helena

This fast and narrow track is primarily firetrail with some singletrack extensions. The ride to the lookouts and back are great for beginners, however the Glenbrook branch should not be attempted unless you are more experienced. This track features many steep ascents along with some nice flowy descents.

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