ATVing Across Wadi Rum With Joel Runyon

You might recall that we have sort of a thing for adventure in Jordan – mostly influenced by the incredible time we spent there. Well, in order

to share some of that gut wrenching adventure with you I put on my video editing hat and went to work. Here’s a little taste of the adventure I got to experience while bombing down over the sand dunes of Wadi Rum. For the full immersion, you’ll have to visit Jordan for yourself. Enjoy.

The ATV adventure was THE single most surprising experience of the entire trip and certainly one of the most memorable. Wadi Rum is the place for adventure in the middle east. If you’d like find out more about my Wadi Rum Adventures visit here.

Joel Runyon

Joel runs IMPOSSIBLE, where he challenges the impossible and helps people do the same. When he's not doing the impossible, he stays busy working on startups, marketing, starting blogs, planning adventures and somehow balancing his love of the paleo diet while nursing his incredibly unhealthy addiction to Red Bull. Follow him on Twitter or Google+

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