Best Mountain Biking Trails Near Denver

All the forested and hilly terrain throughout much of Colorado make this area a mountain bikers paradise. The towns surrounding Denver offer a variety of trails ranging from beginner level to over 450 miles worth of rolling hills. The list below is a great starting point for anyone looking to check out some of the terrain Colorado has to offer.

1. Colorado Trail

With 485.4 miles worth of mountain biking trails through the Colorado wilderness, Colorado Trail is sure to inspire anyone who ventures through. The trail is 70% rolling singletrack with lots of rocky, rooted technical ascents and descents. Colorado Trail extends from Denver to Breckenridge and has plenty of opportunities to stop in local towns along the way!

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2. Buffalo Creek Big Loop

This 23.6 mile loop actually intersects with the Colorado Trail. It features primarily singletrack with long steep climbs and lots of sandy dry surfaces. Riders like to come to Buffalo Creek early on in the season because it is of the first trails to dry up. This intermediate loop is great for those looking to have fun without any surprises or tight turns along the trails!

3. Red Rocks, Dakota Ridge

Rated as one of the most difficult rides in the area, this trail takes approximately an hour and 30 minutes for just 8.8 miles of technical, steep climb. There are multiple ways to complete this ride but a great way to start is at the Zorro trail climb and then make your way to Dakota Ridge. This trail offers 2 foot drops through some rocky parts so make sure to stay alert.

4. Lair O’ the Bear, Bear Creek Trail

Bear Creek Trail located in Lair O’ the Bear Park is a great ride for beginners. Although it begins with a short steep climb, it offers plenty of rolling, singletrack terrain. At only 12.2 miles long there are a few tight turns with some obstacles mixed in for fun!

5. Elk Meadow, Bergen Peak Loop

This loop begins with a gradual climb on smooth terrain through forest with some rocky sections. Bergen Peak Loop is 8.1 miles of primarily fast fast singletrack and plenty of switchbacks.

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