GORUCK Challenge [Race Profile]

The GORUCK Challenge is not a race.

We have to put this in here or the ex-special forces ops who put GORUCK together will show up at our house in the middle of the night for a “talk”. No, the GORUCK Challenge is an event of epic proportions testing the limits of your endurance and mental capacity to persevere. The official motto of the GRC (GORUCK Challenge for short) is:

8-10 hours. 15-20 miles. Good livin’.

8–10 hours. 15-20 miles. AKA Hell on earth (or as the GoRuck cadres say, “good livin'”). Yes, they are as nuts as they sound.

What exactly happens at each of the challenges is sort of a mystery. Every GORUCK Challenge depends on the city and it’s attributess – which adds to the fun – every race *ahem* challenge is different. And, true to their special ops background, the GORUCK cadre leaders don’t even give you the starting point until the week of the actual challenge. You know, they gotta keep things under wraps.

What Exactly Is In The GORUCK Challenge?

Well, it is pretty hard to explain. The best best is to get it directly with our interview with GORUCK Challenge Lead Cadre Lou Lepsh. Also, we talked to GORUCK and they put this image sequence together for us. We think it explains itself pretty well.

You’ll probably get wet, have to pick up really large objects (logs, bricks, etc), work together as a team and of course, do some serious running/walking/jogging to cover all those miles in such little time. You should make sure you’re in tip-top shape when you’re thinking about taking this on.

You can sign up with a friend, but during the GORUCK everyone is a team. You must be 18 to participate (we assume this is so that you can sign your own death waiver – seriously, they have one). Roughly 94% of participants and those who do receive a solid dose of pride along with THE GORUCK patch – that’s never for sale. Welcome to the GORUCK family.

Training For The GORUCK Challenge

Think the challenge sounds tough? So do we. We went through and started to dig for a GORUCK training regimen – you know, maybe they might have something like the Tough Mudder training video. No such luck with the GORUCK Challenge. Looks like you’re on your own.

Beer, aka the latest in advanced cellular repair technology, is the official drink of the GORUCK Challenge. Don’t take the Challenge so seriously. Go for a run or two, have fun, and just do it. It’s all mental.

Thanks for the advice guys.

Drink beer and it’s all mental. Well, 15-20 miles sounds pretty dang physical to me! But, if they tell us to drink some beer – I guess we won’t argue too much.

That’s it. Seriously. They keep the GORUCK Challenge shrouded in mystery. If you want to learn more, you’re just going to have to sign up and find out for yourself. We did end up wrangling this video out of the GORUCK’s cadres hands to give you a sneak peak at what you’re in for if you do decide to take the GORuck plunge. Good luck!

[youtube id=”rk2LWZ3_7xg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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