Mudathlon [Race Profile]

With a tagline: Mud, Obstacles, Beer; the Mudathlon grabs your attention from the start.

This obstacle race is “over 3 miles of 40+ challenging obstacles and 100 yard mud pits followed by an outstanding post-party that promises beer, live music and great food.”

Based in the Midwest, Mudathlon started in Indianapolis and is quickly expanding to Northwest Indiana, Cincinnati, Northeast Ohio and Southern Wisconsin.

As a 3-mile course, the Mudathlon is on the easier spectrum of obstacle races we’ve seen and open to all ages, so if you’re looking to break into adventure racing, this might be your thing. While entrants get a chip timed result, like many obstacle races, the race is billed as an event more than a race and while challenging, is doable for most people, even if you’re not much of an athlete.

The obstacles on this mucker vary from course to course, but there are some staples you’ll find at each race. On “The Slide,” you’ll be flat on your back sliding through mud. “The Cricketed Creek Crossing” will have you crossing, jumping or sometimes running up, over or through a river along the course. But the landmark obstacle for the Mudathlon is the “Mucking Mud Pit,” a 100-yard pit of purely minted mud that racers have to cross face first. Eat Dirt!…err…Mud!


While individual rewards are given out for the top 3 finishers for each group, teams are encouraged and awards are given out for teams of at least 5 people.

All Mudathletes get the following with their registration fees:

  • Finishers Medal
  • Mudathlete Shirt
  • Mudathlete Bandana
  • Beer Mug
  • 1 Free Beer (for entrants over 21)
  • Post Race Feast
  • Chip Timed Result

After the race, if you survive, sit back, grab your well-deserved beer, and reflect on how much of a mucking great time you just had (as well as how many other phrases you can use the word “mucking” in).

Are you ready to be a mudathlete?

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Joel Runyon

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