Top 5 Places to Surf in San Francisco

We typically hear about Southern California surfing, but what about surfing in Northern California. Although the water is definitely colder in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are some awesome spots with great waves for beginners and experts alike!

1. Bolinas

Located next to Stinson Beach Bolinas is considered one of the most popular surf spots in the bay area. It features a long stretch of beach breaks with the main break being just outside of the inlet that leads to the Bolinas Lagoon. This soft, mellow break is popular for longboarders and can be a great spot for new surfers.

2. Cronkhite

Cronkhite offers very fast and steep breaks just around the corner from Sausalito. This surf spot has a very local vibe and can be rather unforgiving but is a great area for surfers looking for fast, hollow drop-ins.

top 5 surf spots in san francisco cronkhite

3. Fort Point

Located just inside the Golden Gate Bridge, all you have to do is park your car and walk to down the rocks to paddle out. The rocks can be very slippery so be extra careful when entering and exiting the water at Fort Point! Aside from the rocks, this is a great surf spot for intermediate to advanced surfers.

top 5 surf spots in san francisco fort point

4. Lindemar Beach

Lindemar Beach is the best location for beginner surfers. Located in a cove in South Pacifica, this beach offers gentle waves and can get very crowded so be careful to not collide with any other surfers!

top 5 surf spots in san francisco surfing at lindemar

5. Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is the long stretch along the Pacific coastline. Here there are four primary surf areas referred to as Kellys, VFW, the Dunes and Sloat. The waves along Ocean Beach tend to increase in size and become less steep as you make your way from the northernmost point at Kellys down to Sloat. Ocean Beach offers challenging waves with a very strong rip at times.

top 5 surf spots in san francisco surfing ocean beach

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