Top 5 Skate Parks in Chicago

Looking for some cool spaces in Chicago to go skateboarding? Chicago has a variety of both indoor and outdoor options for all levels of experience! Check out some of the best places to hit up while you’re in town.

1. Wilson Skate Park

As one of the most popular skate parks in Chicago, Wilson Skate Park offers small bowls connected with a nice free-flowing bowl, a slanted grind box and a flat rail, 3-level manual pad and a bunch of levels and curbs along the wall. This lighted, outdoor skate park caters just to skateboarders, although some roller bladers are known to show up.

wilson skate park chicago best skate parks

2. Asylum Skate Park

Asylum Skate Park was founded by veteran skateboarder Jeff Conyers with the mission to provide a safe place for skateboarding, BMX and in-line scooter ring for all ages. Asylum Skate Park offers bowls, stairs, ramps, rails and drop ins for all levels of experience. There is also a Skate shop attached to the facility which is open the same hours as the park. The park also hosts events!

3. Audubon Skate Park

Located in Elk Grove Village, Audubon Skate Park is an 11,000 square ft. indoor facility. The park offers launch ramps, quarter pipes, mini pipes, and plenty of ledges and rails.

4. Burnham Skate Park

This outdoor skate park is located just south of 31st Street and Lake Shore Drive. It features 20,000 square ft. and offers a variety of spine, pyramids and a bowl as well as stairs and rails. The best part is that it’s free!

5 best chicago skate parks burnham skate park

5. Logan Square Skate Park

This skate park, located on W Logan Boulevard underneath the Kennedy Expressway, offers 1.5 acres of flatbars, a ramp section, manual pads, and a bowl corner with a spine. The park is shared by skateboarders and BMX riders.

logan square skate park chicago best skate parks

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