Bobby Brown Triple Cork 1440 Slow Motion

Bobby Brown knows a little about sick aerial freestyle skiing. At just 20 years old, Bobby is an X-Games regular and is the only person ever to have landed a Switch Double Misty 1440, o

r a Triple Flatspin. He was one of the first skiers ever to have landed a Triple Cork 1440. Luckily, Red Bull managed to grab it all on HD film and get Bobby to take us through his thought process during this insane trick in slow-mo. Enjoy.


Joel Runyon

Joel runs IMPOSSIBLE, where he challenges the impossible and helps people do the same. When he's not doing the impossible, he stays busy working on startups, marketing, starting blogs, planning adventures and somehow balancing his love of the paleo diet while nursing his incredibly unhealthy addiction to Red Bull. Follow him on Twitter or Google+

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