The Inca Rally

The Inca Rally [Race Profile]

This is a guest race profile by Ian Cartwright who will participate in the Inca Rally this year.

Introducing, The Inca Rally.

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A unique race, never attempted before – from Peru to Guyana in 3 weeks, going through Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. The adventure begins on 1st of August 2012! Do you dare to take it on?

What is ‘The Inca Rally’?

Imagine blitzing across the Peruvian Andes, hustling through Ecuadorian deserts and Colombian plains, cruising through Venezuela’s Caribbean coastline and plunging into the depths of the Guyanese Amazonian jungle in just under 3 weeks. That’s The Inca Rally.

As you race along its 8,000 km route, you will experience one of the most stunning landscape ranges and mingle amongst some of the most exciting cultures of any rally. You will party the nights away in the different capitals, learn about great community projects en route and challenge yourself throughout with all the other racers that you meet.

This is real adventure. With a purpose.

driving on a road towards mountains

The Route

The rally is an unsupported and untested charity race across South America’s most challenging terrains; taking racers from Peru to Guyana through Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela in 3 weeks.

These are the countries once fabled to be home to the mythical golden city of El Dorado, believed for centuries to be hidden deep in the South American jungle. Along the way, racers will climb vertiginous Andean peaks, cruise through vast plains, bask in the Caribbean sun and plunge into the Amazonian basin. There is no official route – just parties organised in each capital for the drivers who make it that far.

This is the first and only rally to cross this challenging section of South America, from the Pacific coast to the Caribbean beaches.

  • Peru  Lima – 1st Aug 2012
  • Ecuador  Quito – 5th Aug 2012
  • Colombia  Bogota – 9th Aug 2012
  • Venezuela  Caracas – 13th Aug 2012
  • Guyana  Georgetown – 18th Aug 2012

The Charities

As a social enterprise, we are highly committed to our charitable causes. Each year drivers vote for one of three chosen charities to receive funds they’ve raised for the rally. 2012 nominees are Incawasi, a Peruvian charity trying to break the cycle of family poverty; EveryChild, working to prevent children from growing up vulnerable and alone; and Survival International, campaigning for tribal people’s rights worldwide.  All three charities operate in countries along our route.


We love the roads less traveled, the local communities and the foreign cultures. We seek the unexpected, the challenges and the victories. We do all this to challenge ourselves and help others.

Here at the Inca Rally, we get a kick out of hurtling ourselves headfirst into the unknown armed with just a questionable overconfidence in our ability to be resourceful enough to get out of any sticky situations. So that is what we are about. Shaking the safe monotony of daily life and plunging straight into adventurous randomness.

Are you up for the challenge? You can find out more information on the Inca Rally official website. Sign up as an individual and join an existing team, or rally your friends together and fundraise for a team of your own.

The expedition starts August 2012.

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