David Goggins Attempts 24 Hour Pull Up World Record

We love David Goggins.

The man is an absolute beast and may not be human (or at least a 2.0 version of most humans). Transforming himself from a 280lb overweight desk jockey to a ripped-to-shreds ultra-marathoner, this man takes athleticism and determination to a whole different level.

We know and love the man for his ridiculous running capabilities, insane mental toughness and feats of endurance. But David is giving us a whole new reason to be in awe of him. He’s working on endurance…with his arms.

Taking a break from running hundreds of miles at a time, David is trying something new: breaking the Guinness World Record for most consecutive pull-ups done within 24 hours. Yup that’s right, he’s going to do some endurance upper body activities from now on.

He started yesterday morning

on the Today Show and he’s aiming to do more than 4,020 consecutive pull-ups. BOOM! That’s a whole lot of pull-ups.

Watch David Start The World Record Attempt For Pull-Ups on the Today Show

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Can David Goggins Complete The Most Consecutive Pull-Ups in 24 hours?

He plans on doing 10 pull-ups per minute while on his quest for the world record. That’s 402 total sets and if he keeps up the pace and does them back to back to back, that’s 6.7 hours of consecutive pull-ups (6 hours and 42 minutes)!

He’s doing this challenge, just like he runs his ultramarathons, to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project – a non-profit that raises money to give full-ride scholarships to children of soldiers killed in combat. To date, they’ve given over 900 full-ride scholarships. Wow!

Will David Goggins be able to pull off this pull-up challenge? We’ll find out soon!

Update #1:

As of publishing, David passed the halfway mark (2011 consecutive pull-ups) according to the Today Show Twitter account.

Update #2:

It looks like David had to stop before smashing the world record.

According to the Today Show, David completed 2,588 in 566 sets for a total of 4.6 pull-ups per set. 1,000 pull-ups in 2 hours 48 minutes and 2,000 pull-ups in 3 hours 34 minutes. But at 13.5 hours in, he felt something in his wrist snap and was not able to go on. An x-ray at 10:30pm confirmed a partial tear in his forearm.

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The culprit: the portable pull-up bar David brought for the challenge was completely different than the one he trained on. It was poorly constructed and had a lot of sway that put an undue amount of stress on David’s body and required much more energy from him. Unfortunately, David didn’t’ realize this until the world record attempt.

When it was all said and done, David Goggins’ world record pull-up attempt by the numbers looked something like this:

  • David did 2,588 pull-ups in 566 TOTAL sets. That’s 4.6 pull-ups PER set.
  • David did 216 sets on the minute before taking his first break longer than 60 seconds (12:02 pm).
  • David did 2.9 pull-ups EVERY minute for 15 hours when he officially ended. That’s INCLUDING the 3 hours at the end, when he did ZERO..
  • David did AT LEAST 6 pull-ups in his first 111 sets.
  • David got to 1,000 pull-ups in 2 hrs 48 minutes and 2,000 pull-ups in 3 hrs 34 minutes.

He might have fallen short this time, but that won’t stop him. If we know David, he’ll be back to give the consecutive pull-up world record another shot:

“You can fail, as long as you get back up again. I’ve failed plenty of times, but I just keep going. I’m just an ordinary man. I’m David Goggins, a guy who never gives up, who believes that any man or woman can push beyond their own limits with the right combination of will, focus, determination and discipline.” – David Goggins

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