GoPro (Fake?) Cliff-Jumping Great White Shark Video

This cliff jumping footage in Sydney, Australia’s Manly Harbour was posted just a couple of days ago and has already garnered over three million views on YouTube. I want to believe it’s real, but I read through the YouTube comments and became dubious.

It’s helpful to look at the 0:59 mark.¬†When you watch it at normal speed, it almost looks fake, as if there are two distinct cuts. YouTube commenters also cite the change in water color each time the cliff jumpers head goes underwater.

That said, if you click on the gear icon in the bottom right of the YouTube video and watch the 0:59 mark slowly, at 25% speed, you’ll see that the jumper simply turns his head really fast, making it look like there are two separate frames. It looks real enough.

And then, other commenters are wondering how it’s possible for the water to be so dark, and for the cliff jumper’s friends to see the shark from so high. If the shark’s fin went above the water, that’s not too unreasonable for someone to see it, particularly because great white sharks are so large.

What do you think?

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