GoPro Launches the New HD HERO2 Action Camera

Available for just $299.99, GoPro’s newest HD HERO2 camera is a rugged beast of machinery. The Half Moon Bay-based company is known for its extreme and affordable video cameras and accessories, and this newest addition to their product line is no exception to their rock star status as one of the world’s best video cameras.

While the HD HERO2 looks similar to the original HD HERO, its features are much more robust. A new video sensor has twice the processing power as the original, allowing for better low light capture and burst photography modes. A redesigned wide-angle lens generates visual output that’s twice as sharp as the previous model. Also, coming this winter, the HD HERO2 will enable video remote control via a Wi-Fi remote.

Keep up the good work. Nerve Rush HQ salutes you.

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  1. Josh Crocker says:

    Quite possibly the best song/video combo out there (as of late). Can’t watch this video enough!

  2. DanPierson says:

    was wondering the other day why there isn’t a company that markets gopros for rental…would love to have one for my week-long trip to Vail in December but not quite ready to throw down 300 on a purchase.

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