Kyle Maynard Climbs Kilimanjaro (with No Arms or Legs)

Born with congenital amputation, Kyle Maynard has never had it easy. But living without arms or legs has never stopped him. In this incredible video, Kyle treks to the top of the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. Not only does he reach the summit, but he does so using the most technically challenging assault passage, the steep Western Breach.

His story is a true inspiration to those of us fortunate enough to be able-bodied, but perhaps more importantly, his spirit for life illustrates the immense power of a positive attitude!

This video was suggested by Mark Whitman, who runs Climb Kilimanjaro Guide, the leading online platform that helps people prepare to trek Mount Kilimanjaro. Mark is also the best-selling author of Mount Kilimanjaro: Trekkers Guide to the Summit

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