3 Sports That Will Get You Hurt. Yikes.

They say that if you are injured in an accident (or as a result of someone’s carelessness), under certain circumstances it is reasonable that you receive compensation.

I’m no lawyer, but I’d guess that if you are engaged in any of the three below sports, you fall outside “certain circumstances” and wouldn’t get a dime for any accident claims you file. Tough luck.

And that’s too bad, because these three sports are quite dangerous!

Proximity Flying / WiSBASE

What do the names Arne Aarset and Geoffrey Robson have in common? They were both wingsuit flyers, and now they’re both dead. Yikes.

Proximity flying (or WiSBASE) is the sport of flying the human body using a wingsuit, which adds surface area to the human body and allows those seeking gut-wrenching adventure to do so. With a wingsuit, certain BASE jumpers will fly as close as they can to the ground, hence the term proximity flying.

I don’t have official statistics, but it’s hella dangerous.

Mountain Biking

Compared to the other two sports on this list, mountain biking has far wider exposure. Personally, I’ve been mountain biking a few times and have taken my fair share of tumbles.

Just as potentially dangerous as other extreme sports, mountain bikers risk spinal injuries, scrapes, broken bones — you name it. Both recreational and professional riders can be severely injured. There’s a reason so much padding is recommended.

High Altitude Mountaineering

At extreme altitude, any small misstep, shift in temperature or lapse in focus can be fatal. K2, the world’s second highest mountain, just 700 ft. shy of Mt. Everest, has a deadly summit. From 2005-2010, over 10% (104 out of 1000) of people that attempted to reach the mountain’s summit died. That’s an incredible statistic. Marry that up with the 1996 disaster on Everest and several other incidents each year, and mountaineering is by far one of the world’s most dangerous sports.

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