Top 5 Skateparks in Seattle

Looking to go skating in Seattle? Seattle offers a one of a kind skating experience with its outdoor parks and its focus on vert. Check out the top 5 places to skate:

1. All Together Skatepark

This park is a collective project by skaters, for skaters. When Seattle’s biggest indoor skate park shut down in 2012, Skaters had no place to go on rainy days. In 2013, ATS opened up and is now Seattle’s only indoor skatepark. This 6,900 square ft park has all of the ledges, boxes, ramps, rails and half pipes you could ever want, plus a tight-knit community of skaters.

2. SeaSk8

This park, located in the heart of Seattle, is a 10,000 square ft. playground for skaters of all skill levels. It features smooth transitions and a variety of verts and boxes to skate. It’s nothing fancy, but it’ll do the trick.

seattle skateparks seaks8

3. Woodland Skatepark

Not just any other outdoors park, Woodland Skatepark is unique for its two inground pools. Wonderfully simple with good flow and obstacles that demand style rather than the complicated technical approach so many other parks encourage.

best seattle skateparks woodland park

4.Delridge Skatepark

Designed by Grindline, this park has more of a wide-open feel and excels in transitions and ramps. There is a couple boxes throughout the park; but with its concrete waves, Delridge is an old school skater’s dream come true.

delridge skatepark in seattle

5. Seattle Vert Ramp

A small group of people got together to build a covered vert ramp in Seattle. Privately owned and operated, this ramp boasts competition specs of (13.5 ft high x 56 ft wide) and regularly holds competitions and events such as “old guy” night.

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