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3 Hidden Mountains to Ski in Europe

I know, it’s the middle of  summer.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of that first big snow fall. Personally, I can’t wait to strap my skis back on for another season. Lately I found myself looking at a map of Europe, wondering how many countries it was possible to ski in. I quickly found that there are countless remote and unusual ski resorts around the world. But if you’re interested in other hidden opportunities, read below.

Here are our favorite three:

Skiing in Serra da Estrela, Portugal

The Vodaphone Ski Resort within Serra da Estrela National Park is home base to some of the best skiing conditions on the entire Iberian Peninsula. The Portuguese landscape is lush and wild, a true winter playground in the heart of seductive Portugal.

Skiing in Gudauri, Georgia

There’s no sweet tea or peaches in this Georgia. Despite recent unrest in the Caucasus region, Georgia is an extremely pleasant place to travel. I’ve been there! The food is amazing, the people are incredibly friendly, particularly toward Americans. Little did I know that it’s possible to ski there.

While very few people in Gudauri speak English, the ski tour guides do. The Caucasus Mountains are riddled with massive peaks, many over 16,000 feet. If you’re looking for a unique winter experience, Georgia is a great place to travel. Don’t forget to hang out in Tbilisi, the capital city!

Skiing in Bláfjöll, Iceland

No one comes to Iceland for downhill skiing. The slopes just aren’t good enough. That said, other forms of ski touring, like cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering and Telemark skiing, are becoming increasingly popular.

Bláfjöll, which is located just 21 miles southeast of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík, is the country’s largest ski center. It has 15 lifts, a snowboarding course and cross-country tracks.

photo: Haukur H.

Have you skied in any of these countries before?

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