Calling All Gut-Wrenching Adventure Submissions!


Here at Nerve Rush HQ, we do our best to share only the finest gut-wrenching adventures and experiences we can amass. Whether it’s documenting every extreme sport known to man or going behind the scenes of the GORUCK Challenge, we’re all over it.

But we realize we’re missing a huge source of adrenaline adventures right under our nose: YOU!

So, we want to know: what adventures are you up to? We’re now accepting reader submissions for articles here on Nerve Rush!

Got something else up your sleeve? Tell us!

The Nerve Rush community is full of adventurers and travelers and we love to see what you guys are doing and share your stories and adventures as well as any gut-wrenching videos you see on the Internet superhighway or, better yet, videos you make yourself!

Please send all any submissions to

Stay adventurous out there!

– Nerve Rush HQ

photo credit: Rodrigo_Soldon

Joel Runyon

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