Female Mountain Bikers Look to Reach New Heights

As both fans and competitors gear up for the 2012 Olympic Games, we are country-first. However, for three female mountain bikers, this year’s participation goes beyond the flags on their sleeves.

Instead, it will be about leveraging their collective strengths and determination to achieve greatness.

In 2008, LUNA Chix Pro Team riders Georgia Gould for the U.S.A, Catharine Pendrel for Canada, and Katerina Nash for the Czech Republic, competed for the Gold in Beijing. Catherine, the current world champion in cross country mountain biking, finished 4th at the Olympics (by 9 seconds); Georgia, the reigning U.S.A. cross country champion finished 8th; and Katerina, a three time Olympian, did not qualify. They have come together as team members with a renewed sense of purpose that they hope will push them to new heights in London this summer.

As this video highlights, they are ready for the quick and challenging course that awaits them. Even more so, they are excited to compete on behalf of the longest running, most successful, single-sponsor female team in the history of the professional sport. Sponsored by LUNA®, The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women®, the goal of the LUNA Chix Pro Team is to inspire and motivate women from diverse backgrounds to mountain bike together. In addition to that goal, the team works closely with the Breast Cancer Fund to raise awareness on the environmental causes of breast cancer (the team will wear the Breast Cancer Fund logo on their uniforms). For Georgia, Catherine, and Katerina, these factors help push them through the finish line.

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