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Exclusive Invitation to Gut-Wrenching Startup, Unbucket

Greetings from Nerve Rush HQ.

It’s been a fun summer over here, what with an all-expenses paid trip to Jordan, a bridge-day at the highest bungee-jump in the United States and a number of other exciting projects we’re up to. I trust your summers are as gut-wrenching and adrenaline-packed as can be.

Live it up, folks!

Speaking of exciting projects, check out the guys over at Unbucket, a collaborative list-making platform that enables adventurers to publish, track and check off adventure-list items.

unbucket screenshot

A budding startup, Unbucket boasts a super-slick interface, and the two co-founders have been fantastic with feedback so far.

This is where you come in.

The gut-wrenchingly awesome team at Unbucket agreed to dish out an exclusive Beta-invite code for the Nerve Rush community. Not even a few months old, the Unbucket team is looking for power-users and feedback from an audience of thrill-seekers like yourselves.

With your direct feedback, you can make a serious difference in how this platform pans out.

So, what do you say? Want to see how fun it is to spin up insane Unbucket lists? Want to work directly with a startup? Here’s your chance.

Claim Your Beta Invitation

1. Visit Unbucket.com
2. When prompted for an invitation code, type in nerverush

Yep, that’s it.

Need a more compelling reason to test out Unbucket? Read the email I received from Elliot, one of the co-founders, below.

Pay particular attention to his bullet points.


Last month we launched a private beta of Unbucket: A collaborative list-making platform for people to plan and document things to experience with those they care about most. Our vision is to actively bring people together over continuously shared experiences, and we think the organizational and inspirational power of lists is the best way to do this.

We’re actively looking for beta testers and wanted to reach out to the Nerve Rush community for the following reasons:

  • As a community, you are the epitome of goal setters and doers. We want to know if Unbucket fits into your life.
  • Your lists will probably be some of the most interesting ones we’ve seen yet. Part of what we strive for is to use lists to inspire others to take action.
  • We’d love to understand if collaborative lists have a place in your life versus lists focused solely on the individual.

We’ve created a beta invite code for the Nerve Rush community (nerverush) and I invite you to email me personally (elliot@unbucket.com). We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and hope Unbucket plays a role in helping you accomplish more than you ever believed was humanly possible.

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  1. Colin Wright says:

    Cool concept! I’ll be interested to see how this evolves. I see a lot of potential for collab, almost Groupon-esque deals for some list items (maybe a Skydiving company agrees to discount for people wanting to check that item off their list all at once), as well as the latent push that people are able to give each other during and after their pursuit of a new goal.

    • Alan says:

      Agreed! Many different ways to take this. The founders are incredibly responsive to feedback and moving quickly, just the kind of guys I like to support. Hope you’re well and that our paths cross again soon!

    • Elliot says:

      Colin, thank you for the kind words. You are very in tune to where we are taking this next and we hope to have you along for the journey. My email is in the post, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to discuss further or have additional questions. (And thanks again Alan for giving us this awesome forum to share our story).

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