Kayaking With Blue Whales

So kayaking isn’t the most extreme sport in the world, but what about kayaking with a Blue Whale – you know, the largest animal on earth. That’s not good enough? What about if you went swimming with it? Well that’s exactly what this brave fellow, Rick Coleman did.

Out for a nice little kayak trip in Redondo Beach, California, and all of a sudden a Blue Whale surfaces next to him. That would be enough to make most of us pee our pants, but this man, in true Nerve Rush fashion, decided to jump in and swim next to the set of Blue Whales. Luckily, he had one of our trusty GoPro cameras strapped to his helmet and captured the whole thing on video. Well done Rick, Nerve Rush salutes you.

Joel Runyon

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  1. Oliver says:

    That is quite simply amazing. Very jealous.

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