Liquid Mountaineering (Walking on Water)

As much as I want to believe this video is real, I just..can’t truly believe that what they are doing is possible. Either way, it’s a well-crafted video, and I’m posting it. Next time I find myself near a lake, I’ll don the appropriate shoes and give it the good ‘ole fashioned college try.

Alan Perlman

Lead Adventurer at Nerve Rush
For three years, Alan traveled to 60+ countries as an international cost-of-living surveyor. Back in New York City, when he's not running, rock climbing or preparing for his next adventure, Alan runs an inbound marketing agency, helping companies to generate more sales-ready leads from inbound marketing efforts.


  1. Chris says:

    This would be awesome, but unfortunately it has already been busted by the Mythbusters.

    There is still part of me that hopes Adam and Jamie missed something. :)

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