5 Must-Have Apps for Rock Climbers

We may head to the crags to unplug, but there’s no doubt that a little technology can go a long way toward your success on the rocks. Maybe you need a guide, or a few creative knots in your back pocket (figuratively and literally), or maybe you’re after a spot to pitch your tent. No matter which you’re after, here are five apps no rock climber should leave home without:

The Mountain Project

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The Mountain Project has long been acknowledged as a leading app for finding the best routes. The app is essentially a digital climbing guide that fits in your pocket. While the app definitely has a few bugs to work out, compared to the website, the developers have done an excellent job of creating a platform where climbers can share the routes and problems in areas around the country. Because of its widespread user base, major climbing areas are covered well and only continue to grow as more people use the application. It also divides climbing spots into type of climbing, along with grade, making it a step above many other digital climbing guides on the market. The Mountain Project is easily one of the widest spread, most used climbing networks.
Price: Free


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Setting up anchors? Tying into a climb? Download KnotGuide. The beauty of setting up anchors is the creativity that goes into it. Depending on the equipment you have and trees and boulders you have to work with, there are countless ways for you to tie in. KnotGuide expands that creativity by increasing your knowledge of knots. Look up ones you’ve heard of or browse new knots. Either way, you can expand your climbing capability by increasing the flexibility of your anchor setting skills.
Price: Free


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In a pinch where you’re stuck on a climbing trip and suddenly realize you need more gear? REI has one of the most advanced outdoor adventure shopping apps out there. Not only can you find the closest REI to you, but you can do your research. Read up on the favorites of the nuts, ropes or shoes that you’re after, but not based on REI’s word. The reviews on the app are written by actual customers. Plus, REI’s return policy remains unbeatable.
Price: Free

Camp Finder

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It’s not all about sending new ascents. When you’re on the rocks, eventually you’ll need a place to stay. Camp Finder helps those who love the outdoors find camping and RV spots across the country. It includes maps, photos and price ranges, so you always know exactly what you’re getting into. The app takes a bit of time to load though, so allow for ample internet connection or extra loading time.
Price: $3.99


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Want to document your adventures on the mountains? Instagram tends to be crowded with inspirational quotes and food porn. Instaead, upload your pictures to Yonder, a photo sharing channel made specifically for the outdoor-minded. Here, you can post your adventure shots to those who actually appreciate and love the great outdoors.
Price: Free

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