Attention All Adventure Companies and Brands!

Attention All Adventure Companies and Brands!

Interested in reaching more people and expanding your empire of endless adventure and partnering with a leader in adventure and adrenaline?

We’re looking for brand partners who seek

to expose their brand to thousands of eager adventurers and thrill seekers.

We’re not just looking to hook up with anyone. Here at Nerve Rush HQ, we’ve got standards.

A few things that we’re looking for in a sponsorship partner:

  1. Undying enthusiasm for anything and everything Nerve Rush.
  2. An attitude of support and encouragement for extreme sports athletes worldwide.
  3. Obsessive about exploring the depths of adventure.
  4. You create a product or service we’d passionately use even if you only gave us a toy car and slurpee (it has to be that good).
  5. Open to integrated sponsorships and other creative marketing opportunities – ads are useful and definitely part of the package, but we like to think there are a lot more ways to partner and gain exposure than just a few pixels on the screen.

If you (or a favorite brand of yours) in interested in sponsorship terms with Nerve Rush – shoot us an email at and lets talk!

Stay adventurous out there.

Joel Runyon

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