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Dean Potter Performs the First Ever BASEline

Today, extreme athlete Dean Potter posted a photo on his Instagram feed of the first ever BASEline. He balanced, with his arms spread, across thin webbing, suspended above a deep canyon. […]

The History of Yosemite’s Camp 4

Camp 4, in Yosemite National Park, sees the sunrise last, leaving it a few degrees below chilly on any given fall day. Every morning, campers rise, many before dawn. They […]

5 Apps No Adventurer Should Be Without

In August, I loaded up my car with climbing gear, hiking boots, my new tent, my old, beat-up sleeping bag, my recently shaved dog and everything in between. We spent […]

Mario Richard Dies in BASE Jump Accident

On Sunday August 18, Mario Richard, 47, was killed in a BASE jumping accident in the Dolomites of Italy. He left behind his wife, rock climber Steph Davis. The couple […]

Wreck Diving in the Cold Water of Lake Michigan

The only sound heard over the buzz of the motor as the boat cruised on Lake Michigan was “Everybody’s Got a Cousin in Miami” faintly tinkling tropical beats over the […]

Trail Running in Chicago

Fidgeting racers wearing red T-shirts huddled behind the Muddy Monk race line. Serious runners, dressed in under armor, running bands and a watch to clock their times moved to the […]

Kayaking in Chicago: Rain, Shine and Snow

A line of kayakers bobbed like baby ducklings in the University of Illinois, Chicago pool, where just an hour earlier 10-year-old swimmers had raced each other, running laps through the […]

Writing Rocks: The Story Behind Two of Today’s Biggest Climbing Writers

Rock climber, journalist and former editor of Climbing magazine Matt Samet didn’t expect to become a writer. He originally started out studying geology at UC Boulder, but eventually switched to journalism. After […]

Why Rock Climbing Should Not be an Olympic Sport

It was a cool, July morning in the farthest eastern location of the continental U.S. and my dog and I were trapped between a rising tide and a 100-foot granite […]

Chicago Climbs Rank, Not Mountains

Michaela Kiersch [18] stared up at the colorful holds towering over her at a 40-degree angle. Around her, kids moved with the agility of monkeys up and down the walls, […]