The World's Most Dangerous (and Extreme) Sports

The World’s 10 Most Dangerous (and Extreme) Sports


Defining the world’s most dangerous sports remains a tricky subject, mainly due to limited data and a reluctance among organizers and participants to publicize deaths in their sport.

If an activity involves being exposed to the elements of using special equipment on an inherently incontrollable and unpredictable environment, we’re classifying it as a dangerous sport.

Here are ten of the most dangerous:

The World's Most Dangerous (and Extreme) Sports

I discovered this infographic when researching the world’s most dangerous and extreme sports. I’m not sure when it was put together, or how the numbers were culled, but regardless of the validity of the data, it’s an interesting list to think about.

A lot of thought put into this, but I wouldn’t necessarily agree with the list. White water rafting? BMX? What about mountaineering, or free-climbing? The latter is particularly daunting.

What do you think?


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  1. RD says:

    Nice! Awesome list. Did Wingsuit flying come across in your research?

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