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captain morgan treasure hunt

Extreme Treasure Hunting with Captain Morgan

Public service announcement! Over the next few weeks, you’ll have the chance to participate in a treasure hunt. You can win a number of goodies. Think GoPro cameras, sponsored parties […]

Why Rock Climbing Should Not be an Olympic Sport

It was a cool, July morning in the farthest eastern location of the continental U.S. and my dog and I were trapped between a rising tide and a 100-foot granite […]

ron cooper pull up world record

36 Pull-Ups in 60 Seconds: Meet Ron Cooper

Meet Ron Cooper, world record holder for the most number of pull-ups in 60 seconds. Ron competed in Ninja Warrior last year, won a Warrior Dash and has top finishes […]

Chicago Climbs Rank, Not Mountains

Michaela Kiersch [18] stared up at the colorful holds towering over her at a 40-degree angle. Around her, kids moved with the agility of monkeys up and down the walls, […]

chase norton death valley

Chase Norton Completes 10-Day, 228-Mile Solo Trek Across Death Valley

This is the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard of happening here. But we still must charge you a $10 entrance fee. – NPS Ranger, Death Valley National Park He […]

muay thai training in thailand

Muay Thai: A Closer Look at the Thai Martial Art

Muay Thai is a centuries-old Thai martial art that in recent decades has become known and respected internationally. Increasingly, foreigners are being attracted to the sport and many relish the […]

ueli steck running kala patar

Ueli Steck, Now Powered by Sun

Goal Zero, the leader in portable solar power solutions, welcomes professional speed climber, solo climber and record-setting alpinist Ueli Steck as its newest brand ambassador. With his incredible record of […]

slackline trick

Hitting the Line: Slacklining Trend Continues to Grow

In the 70s, after climbing hard all day, exhausted rock climbers would return to camp at Yosemite National Park and look for a way to occupy the time until their […]

amy clover 30x30

Amy Clover’s 30×30 Project

The following is a guest post from Amy Clover. Amy writes at Strong Inside Out and can also be found via¬†@stronginsideout. Let’s just start by getting this out there: I’m […]


3 Places to Look for Adventure in 2013

It’s nearly the end of January, and let me guess…you haven’t even started to map out your 2013 vacation spots. How shameful. Fortunately, you’re here. Here at Nerve Rush HQ, […]