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Candid Thoughts on Mt. Everest

National Geographic speaks to people who know Mt. Everest best. Climbers and Sherpas both present and past wax philosophical on the world’s highest peak.

9 of the World’s Most Extreme Jobs

For those who spend their days trapped in a cubicle, the idea of extreme jobs may be too far-fetched to understand, but for those who live for adventure, battling rough […]

Joika Dreams: Norwegian Mountaineering

A short film trailer highlighting classic Norwegian mountainering on Romsdalshorn, Innerdalstårnet, Snøhetta and Gaustatoppen.

Steve House: Shattered Ice Climbing Movie

“The wrong place, is it here? The wrong moment, is it now? Will I know?” After achieving his dream summit, Steve House finds himself empty.

Andreas Fransson Steep Ski Descent

Swedish Andreas Fransson’s Ski Descent of Denali

In the summer of 2013, I plan to climb Mt. McKinley, the highest mountain in North America. And when I stand on the summit, I plan on representing Nerve Rush in […]

Reel Rock Film Tour 2011 ticket

Reporting Live: 2011 Reel Rock Film Tour

A few weeks ago, Nerve Rush HQ received an email: I bought two tickets to the Reel Rock Film Tour…The six movies being shown look incredible. I hopped on over […]

Ueli Steck Speed Solo Grand Jorasses

Ueli Steck Speed Solos North Face of Grand Jorasses

The soundtrack title is “Human After All,” which is comical considering Ueli Steck is nowhere near human. We’ve showcased his speed solo ascent of the Eiger before, but this clip […]