Writing Rocks: The Story Behind Two of Today’s Biggest Climbing Writers

CALIFORNIA Half Dome Moon 2007

Rock climber, journalist and former editor of Climbing magazine Matt Samet didn’t expect to become a writer. He originally started out studying geology at UC Boulder, but eventually switched to journalism. After […]

Perfect Getaway Final Round

captain morgan treasure hunt

Argh! It’s the last week of our Nerve Rush treasure hunt, a Perfect Getaway challenge sponsored by Captain Morgan. To enter, you simply have to answer the following riddle about Captain […]

Perfect Getaway: Round Two


Argh Matey! We’re back in week two of our Captain Morgan Treasure Hunt, a real contest with real prizes. To enter this week, you simply have to answer the following […]

Captain Morgan Treasure Hunt: Clue #1

captain morgan contest

Ahoy! It’s the first week of our Captain Morgan treasure hunt. The first clue is here and daylight is ticking! So challenge your inner adventurer & start the hunt with […]

Extreme Treasure Hunting with Captain Morgan

captain morgan treasure hunt

Public service announcement! Over the next few weeks, you’ll have the chance to participate in a treasure hunt. You can win a number of goodies. Think GoPro cameras, sponsored parties […]

James Clear, Habit Formation and Behavior Change [Interview]

james clear

[youtube id=”LStBOeDAxNw” width=”600″ height=”350″] James Clear is a weight lifter, travel photographer, entrepreneur and former All American baseball player. James writes for a community of superhumans about what it means […]

Why Rock Climbing Should Not be an Olympic Sport

rock climbing should not be olympic sport

It was a cool, July morning in the farthest eastern location of the continental U.S. and my dog and I were trapped between a rising tide and a 100-foot granite […]

36 Pull-Ups in 60 Seconds: Meet Ron Cooper

ron cooper pull up world record

Meet Ron Cooper, world record holder for the most number of pull-ups in 60 seconds. Ron competed in Ninja Warrior last year, won a Warrior Dash and has top finishes […]

“Brett” Music Video with Big Wave Surfer Jeff Rowley

jeff rowley big wave surfing

Big wave footage from a recent session with Jeff Rowley toying with Hawaii’s “Jaws” reef break. I think the video compliments the song well, no? Song is The Soundmen – […]

Chicago Climbs Rank, Not Mountains


Michaela Kiersch [18] stared up at the colorful holds towering over her at a 40-degree angle. Around her, kids moved with the agility of monkeys up and down the walls, […]