Cora Rucksack Ignoble Bags Review


Every once in a while around here at Nerve Rush, we take a look at the gear that enables us to do the adventures we love. Today we take a […]

Chase Armitage, a Student of Movement

Chase Armitate Student of Movement

One of 4 Students of Movement, Chase Armitage showcases his Parkour and tricking skills. I’ve seen a lot of these videos — Chase has a unique style and is definitely […]

8 Leadership Skills I Applied to Finishing My First Ironman

win your first ironman

This is a guest post from Jarie Bolander, an engineer by training, entrepreneur by nature and leader by endurance. Jarie combines leadership and endurance athletics over on his blog, Leading from Within. […]

Boxing, a Gut-Wrenching Sport

boxing nerve rush

It was when I watched Raging Bull in high school that I discovered boxing’s brilliance as a sport. A 1980 biographical film directed by Martin Scorsese, Raging Bull stars Robert […]

Best Action Sports Films of 2012

action sessions best action sports 2012

Yikes. From Garage Entertainment, Red Bull Media House, Surf Dive ‘N’ Ski, Sony Mobile and Maxum, this trailer reel previews Sessions, a movie for Australian extreme sports fans. The film […]

GORUCK YOURSELF: My GORUCK Challenge Experience (Class 182)

goruck tough patch

Ouch. That was the first thing on my mind after this challenge. I knew it would be “tough.” I didn’t know it would hurt this much. Ouch. ## I learned […]

Felix Baumgartner 22-Mile Supersonic World Record Stratos Skydive

red bull stratos

Folks, skydiving history will soon be made. Felix Baumgartner, Austrian aviation specialist, plans to leap out of a space capsule from an altitude of 120,000 feet, rocketing his way at […]

The 7 Most Gut-Wrenching Politicians

vladimir putin plane

Here at Nerve Rush HQ, election season is in full swing. Paying homage to the world of politics, we compiled a list of history’s most gut-wrenching political figures. Here are […]

Demon United Review & Contest

demon vest

Win two pieces of high-quality protective gear, valued at almost $200. Courtesy of Demon United. [youtube id="WkGNrK0Pq_c" width="600" height="350"] Follow the instructions at the end of the video to score […]

7 Ridiculous Adventures To Experience In Jordan

Jordan Wadi Rum Skydive

Jordan -  the unofficial gut-wrenching adventure capital of the Middle East. As part of a partnership with the Jordan Tourism Board, Nerve Rush lead adventurer Joel Runyon just returned form a […]