5 Best Surf Spots in Sydney

Whether you’re an experienced surfer, or simply just want to cross surfing in Sydney off your bucket list, the beaches in Sydney provide a variety of surf spots with something for everyone. This guide will give you a good starting point for when you’re choosing the best places to surf.

1. Mackenzies Bay

Mackenzies Bay is a good spot for all levels of surfers. It’s located on the North side and is a quick walk from Tamarama Beach or can be reached by paddling from Bronte Beach. Although there are some rocks, if you time it right this spot has great potential.

2. Shark Island

As you can probably tell from the picture below, this surf spot does not cater well to novice surfers. In fact Shark Island should only be attempted by experts or crazy nut jobs who want to live dangerously. Be aware, this area features some seriously sharp reef!

shark island 5 best surf spots in sydney

3. Bilgola Beach

Another beach that is best left for experienced surfers, Bilgola is a small beach nestled between Avalon and Newport. The waves at this secluded beach are generally around 1.5 meters as it is somewhat protected from the  southeast swell. The waves here tend to be hollow and fast but tons of fun!

4. Long Reef

Located on the Northern Beaches, Long Reef offers consistent surf over a sand and rock bottom. Because of the beaches strong winds, this is a popular spot for hang gliders and kite surfers as well!

5. North Narrabeen Point

Surfing at North Narrabeen is a fun spot where a lot of the locals and experienced surfers like to go. The world-class left waves here are ledgey, hollow and powerful.

5 best surf spots in sydney north narrabeen point



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