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30 of the World’s Most Extreme Athletes

There is a major difference between an athlete and an extreme athlete. Athletes simply push their minds and bodies to great lengths for sport, for fun, or perhaps to maintain […]

8 Ways to Balance Your Climbing Training

Nothing beats quality time on routes to improve your climbing performance. But why limit your physical and mental training to hours spent on the crags or in the climbing gym? […]

5 Must-Have Apps for Rock Climbers

We may head to the crags to unplug, but there’s no doubt that a little technology can go a long way toward your success on the rocks. Maybe you need […]

5 Ways Rock Climbers Make The World A Better Place

Much of the focus in climbing media is centered around the great feats of talented athletes. We throw around speeds, grades and the phrase “free-climbing” to talk about triumphs in the […]


How to Improve Your Climbing

Anyone can learn to rock climb and boulder. You don’t have to have crazy upper-body strength, guts of steel and wallet-breaking gear to join the ranks of climbers. But for […]

Rock Climbing Out of Sight in Fontainebleau

One of the most popular climbing destinations on the planet with thousands of boulders strewn across hundreds of areas, Fontainebleau is a rock climbing playground. In this documentary, watch the […]

Why: Nikon D4 Release Video by Corey Rich

Nikon gave Corey Rich, an action sports photographer and videographer, a blank slate to shoot a documentary with their new camera, the Nikon D4. This is their release video, the […]

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival Trailer

OK, so we’re a year late, but that doesn’t mean that the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival movie trailer isn’t worth a few minutes of your time as an adrenaline junkie.

7 Indoor Rock Climbing Gym Workouts

Not all of us are lucky enough to live the dirtbag lifestyle, climbing outdoor rock on a daily basis. For those of us tied down by, you know, bills, careers, […]

Dean Potter Talks Death

Mark Coleman, the Prana mindfulness ambassador, meets with Prana’s top athletes to understand their top game. In this session with Dean Potter, they both chat about death. Potter, one of […]