LAAX: The Largest Halfpipe In The World

LAAX Largest Halfpipe

Here’s some great video from the LAAX Snowpark in Switzerland, which now boasts the largest snowboarding halfpipe in the world. This thing is seriously impressive.

NR 004: Ricky Johnson, Motocross, Red Bull and the Frozen Rush

ricky johnson red bull frozen rush

Welcome to the Nerve Rush podcast, episode 4. In this episode, we chat with Red Bull athlete and former motocross superstar, Ricky Johnson. At 16 years old, Ricky nabbed his […]

An Amazing Pipeline Board Transfer By Jamie O’Brien

Jamie O'Brien Board Transfer

Pro surfer Jamie O’Brien recently took to the legendary waters of Oahu’s North Shore, where heĀ pulled off a flawless pipeline board transfer. Beautiful stuff to watch right here.

Becoming A BASE Jumper In 60 Days

Joby Ogwyn BASE jumping

Follow along as adventure sports legend Joby Ogwyn attempts to become a BASE jumper in just 60 days. This is a fascinating look into the hard work and dedication that […]

6 BASE Jumpers To Watch In 2015

Illegal BASE Jumping Locations

Get ready everyone, because 2015 is looking like it will be an especially exciting year in the world of BASE jumping, and the world’s most talented BASE athletes are preparing […]

The 9 Best BASE Jumping Videos Of All Time

BASE Jumping Locations

We’ve taken a long look around the web and located the best and most thrilling BASE jumping videos ever uploaded. From high budget, highly involved film projects to basic DIY […]

Shawn Dollar’s Thoughts On Mavericks

Mavericks surfing

Legendary big wave surfer Shawn Dollar shares his thoughts on the incredible display of surfing from the young athletes at Mavericks on December 20th. Some phenomenal footage here, and some […]

14 Year Old Skier Jumps 90 Foot Pyramid Gap

Kye Petersen Pyramid Gap

Kye Petersen, though pretty young at just 14 years old, has talent far beyond his years. Watch Kye take on 90 foot Pyramid Gap in Utah and completeĀ a ridiculous jump […]

Our Favorite (Illegal) BASE Jumping Locations

Illegal BASE Jumping Locations

The legality of BASE jumping is something that has been an issue for lovers of the sport since day one. While virtually any surface high enough off the ground for […]

BASE Jumping Locations: Where To Plan Your Jump

BASE Jumping Locations

While a BASE jumping location can be virtually any object that’s high enough for a jump, we’ve taken a look around and made a list of some of them more […]