7 Indoor Rock Climbing Gym Workouts


Not all of us are lucky enough to live the dirtbag lifestyle, climbing outdoor rock on a daily basis. For those of us tied down by, you know, bills, careers, […]

Thierry Donard, Epic Steep Skiing

Steep Skiing with Thierry Donard

It’s skiing and it’s steep and it’s technical. Watch Thierry Donard shred uber-steep faces and dodge sluffs and avalanches. Amazing work.

10 Most Bizarre Extreme Sports

extreme sports hangboarding

While most people would be completely satisfied with the thrill of surfing, snowboarding or skateboarding, serious adrenaline junkies have been coming up with new and bizarre ways to get that […]

McLaren P1 Extreme Testing on Ice

The McLaren P1

The McLaren P1 has been marketed as ‘the best driver’s car in the world on road and track.’ Or in this case, on a frozen lake.

Dean Potter Talks Death

Dean Potter

Mark Coleman, the Prana mindfulness ambassador, meets with Prana’s top athletes to understand their top game. In this session with Dean Potter, they both chat about death. Potter, one of […]

airv8 Aerial Photography Brilliance


airv8 specializes in close-range aerial photography. They use remote-controlled mulitcopters to capture their footage, and boy what an awesome point-of-view it is. In thier 2013 showreel, check out their capabilities.

Sam Light Kiteboarding in South Africa


Sam Light kiteboards in South Africa, both on the ocean and using a lake cable.

Skiing Colored Snow in Switzerland

Ski on colored snow!

It took a full fifteen days to produce this short two-minute clip, where Nicolas and Loris Falquet and Jérémie Heitz ride colored snow in Les Marécottes, Switzerland.

7 Best Beginner Places to Rock Climb Around the World

this climber

There’s nothing like the feeling of fresh air, the beating sun and rough rock under chalked hands. But you don’t have to be Alex Honnold to enjoy some of the […]

Kilian Martin Skateboarding in India

Kilian Martin

Directed by Brett Novak, this film features Kilian Martin and his skateboard, shredding it in India.